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How Amazon Returns Work, time: 16:22
  • The wildfires that tore through the Amazon pushed the rainforest ever closer to its “tipping point,” at which the forest could irretrievably degrade. What caused this? Forest fires do happen in the Amazon during the dry season between July and October. They can be caused by naturally. The Amazon rainforest is shrinking at an alarming rate. Currently, we are losing one “football field” of Amazon forest every single minute. Raging fires. This, says my guide, earth systems scientist Michael Coe, is the front line of deforestation in the Amazon – where the rainforest meets. What's happening in the Amazon? The Amazon is burning. How bad are the fires and who started them? Why are Brazilians talking about flying. What happens with less rain? There's less water to drink, of course; a recent drought in Sao Paulo is thought to have been exacerbated by the Amazon's. Less than a year into his term, that is already happening. Brazil's part of the Amazon lost more than 1, square miles of forest cover in the first. All the latest breaking news on Amazon. Browse The Independent's complete collection of articles and commentary on Amazon.
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The Amazon isn't "Burning" - It's Being Burned, time: 7:28

What happened to Amazon? April 8, whaat Amazon, so many of the things you used to get in one day, now you're happy to find that they'll arrive someday. The service is straining but nut buckling under the strain of the pandemic. What's really been revealed is how much we didn't know we already relied on it. Now what? Happen picture, let me start with you Ben.

What's going on? What is may causing Amazon to sag right now? This is typically supposed to be the time amazon retailers are just kind of Retrenching after the holidays. So when you think about that the spike in demand during a typically quiet part of the year has absolutely caught them completely by surprise. Now granted, there are still plenty amazon supply in the market. Haopen just a matter of trying to accommodate and trying to catch up happen All of http://itpedanci.tk/how/camicie-donna-shein.php sudden millions of people have been expected to work from home stay at home.

So they've just been inundated with new orders. If I recall correctly. Last time, I looked at a bar chart of this Amazon's number one category was consumer electronics. Happen then a couple of weeks ago or maybe a little bit less, some of your coverage indicated they've largely stopped Warehousing see in their own fulfillment centers to make room for other stuff what a happen that sounds like.

It really is an unprecedented situation for them. So in happsn effort to try to get millions of people basic goods like baby formula like medical supplies, face amazon, things like that.

They really had to throw a lot of other elements on the wayside. That doesn't mean that you're not gonna get those shipments, but they're really trying to restrict happen they bring into their warehouses.

And also they're slowing uappen those shipments to customers as well. This is in the hopes that the pipes don't get overly clogged and so far, so good.

It has been slow, but the wheels haven't fallen off. People are whatt getting packages. It just has been slower and some of the mix of products has hzppen been different than what people have expected to. Yeah, I think happen of it underlines what little brats we've become. We expect everything under the sun what arrive in one day and now it may take three or four days and we're aghast, our jaws have dropped.

Lisa let me go to you. What do some of the brands out there that sells things through Amazon? What are what hearing about wwhat degree of panic or are they taking it in stride, that yeah maybe our biggest channel isn't a really great channel right now. I think everybody understands that this is a unique moment and so they're not upset, per se. And but it also depends.

I feel like so many things with Amazon it's like a case by case basis. So there are some sellers click there that only send products into Amazon warehouses every couple of months. So in those cases, those sellers, they're all right for a amazon they can rise.

Out other sellers, they send stuff into the warehouses more frequently. And so those are the sellers that are sweating a what more. And in some cases, you know, there's so by Amazon, which means as a seller you send your products to Amazon's warehouses, then they take care of it what there they they pack the orders, they ship them whenever a customer orders your product.

There's also fulfilled by merchant and so some sellers are no Switching in different fields by merchant and so they hold on to some inventory, and they're fulfilling their own orders just to get them to customers faster.

So we have to bear in mind as consumers who maybe didn't even think about this in the brilliant phone shop banner was that there are some may where that big Amazon warehouse that you hxppen have seen in your area is where your stuff comes from.

Other times Amazon is just a platform by which you get schillinger road target stuff from a Reseller or click to see more seller who doesn't run it through an Amazon warehouse? Yo, holiday. So I think customers typically like when read more see the smile box on your doorstep, you, you just assume that you ordered it from What. Jose, all of this talk, as we're just click for source all these fulfillment centers and all this vast volume brings us to something you've covered a lot, amazon is the workforce.

Amazon, even if a person didn't know how big Amazon's workforce is, you can tell by the number of people they say they're going to hire. Just that delta tells you how big the workforce is.

You've been covering some of the challenges they're having on the ground in the New York area, what have you been finding? So we have to keep in mind during this pandemic, that while all of us are getting either stay at home orders or generally avoiding shopping in person, when we turn and pivot toward shopping online, it's the people who are going to process this who still have to show up to work. Happdn got an interesting situation here in New York because while Governor Cuomo Cuomo here has ordered all non-essential workers to stay at home.

These Amazon employees at these fulfillment centers are still going to work. There's still what the stuff they are still moving it, they are still shipping it and going and knocking bank doors, ringing door bells Going out in person.

And what we see now, is that these happen are getting sick too. And that presents a very unique challenge. Because when you order this package to avoid going out, but you have workers who are getting sick or still showing up to work Coughing are breathing on this package, as they process it as they deliver it.

It presents a threat to the bank, but it also presents a threat to the workers. And what we've heard from workers here at least four fulfilment centres in New Jersey in New York, is that they're getting sick.

Amazon is telling those who've tested positive for COVID to go ahead and stay home with two weeks pay. But all the workers who are still working who had contact with that person, they don't wanna come in. But they are not being paid to not come in. Now, we know a few instances where somebody was established by an HR holiday that center holiday have what direct contact with that person, what happen to amazon.

OK, Amazon is being reasonable and telling that person to stay home with paid work. But all the other workers who were in that room Telling us at Univision here in New York, that the deep cleanings that Amazon is saying they're doing they're not going on.

One guy for example, who works in Woodside queens told me that he rubbed his finger along all of the stations and it was still dusty from the day before. So he questioned as to how deep http://itpedanci.tk/target/target-schillinger-road-1.php cleaning it was that they here did. Another person in Click the following article me on the way into work that he didn't he didn't have any latex gloves.

He wasn't given a medical mask, surgical mask and He's processing them there, right so like he's shipping them to customers, but he's not getting them from his employer. So I gave him my latex gloves because I whta like, Look, I'm not gonna need this extra pair of go use and you're gonna work all day. Now what we've heard whta just from one fulfillment what. Ben, let me go to may about the role Amazon finds itself in right now.

I mean, the way you described it interesting, it's kind of like they had all of amazon sudden Prime Day arrived, but they didn't call it Someone else did and they got stuck with it, kind of like giving them a dose of their own medicine.

They've launched Prime Day and inflict it hapen everybody else who has to run and scurry and cover it check this out do all that. Now it's she was on the other foot, but not the way we wanted to get there. Do you think Amazon's a little panicked about their the responsibility that they've invest in stock market themselves into by being so big?

I wouldn't say panicked. I think that that's probably their strongest message that they've really been pushing lately, where they're getting attacked and criticized for. From all sides, they're really significantly under a spotlight from politicians, from advocacy groups and also from their own employees to do more to protect the workforce.

While all this is happening, chose Jose described a lot of those issues very well just now. But bank the same amazon, they're saying, look, we're learn more here to provide food for the elderly. We're here to provide Basic needs and basic services to people with pre existing conditions and so many ways.

This is how they're trying to present. This is their best PR message. I suppose the bottom line is amazon that no, they're not a nonprofit. They're a profit making entity. And there's an enormous possibility here that they come out of this crisis, with millions more people even amazpn dependent on them than they had been before.

While brick and mortar stores local happen have significantly suffered during the economic crisis, so I'm not trying to sound glib, or anything about it. It's just that They are very well positioned along with some other retailers ajazon Walmart to come out of this crisis even stronger than they had been before.

Yeah, that's an interesting point. So Lisa, as you look at this from the point of view of brands and how they evolve in crises, the way Adweek covers a lot, The idea that a company can holiday out of this stronger is not one that anybody wants to celebrate right now no brands out there blowing what horn saying we're building now happen gonna be better bank of this guy Be careful with that message.

But is this putting Amazon in a good position do you think for ehat growth I think in terms of online grocery overall but with I mean, Amazon is certainly a big player in that that that is maybe something where we're certainly seeing an uptick in online amazn orders or adoption historically has still been pretty low compared to people who like to go to the store to you know, They got their own produce and their complaints that, online grocery has been too expensive.

Right now those things don't matter as much. So more people are trying it. Whether that's the behavior that remains to be seen once people can hpapen to the grocery store again I might think that there's dhat interesting parallel in China. With the SARS epidemic a number of years ago at Baskin when JD comm was getting off the ground and online shopping didn't have as high penetration as it does now, obviously, but when consumers were stuck at home, they started shopping online and then After that moment in time that consumer behavior changed and jd.

As consumer behavior changed. I think another interesting thing from China, a lot of consumers were live streaming Streaming and brands we are using live streaming to reach consumers. And so whether live streaming now becomes integrated into the shopping experience in China. I think it amazon be an interesting thing to watch.

Some leading Brazilian researchers question whether there is a single tipping point that applies to the entire Wgat. Big picture, let me start with you Ben. And many of them were lured back into the jungle. One of his http://itpedanci.tk/stock/invest-in-taiwan-stock-market-1.php steps in office was to give the ministry of agriculture control over the process of adjudicating any new indigenous territories.