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What is FRET (Fluorescence Resonance Energy Transfer), time: 2:18
  • Explore how to analyze proteins with HaloTag® Technology. Start with a single protein fusion with HaloTag® protein and you can purify proteins, investigate. A protocol for a novel imaging tool for live or fixed mammalian cells that express the HaloTag® protein or protein fusions, for analyzing posttranslational. HaloTag® Biotin Ligand. Contains a atom linker arm to biotin and is used as an affinity tag to capture the HaloTag® protein-based fusion construct via biotin-. The HaloLink Protein Array System provides a way to create homebrew (on-​demand) protein arrays by combining innovative HaloTag technology, surface. HaloTag is a self-labeling protein tag. It is a residue peptide (33 kDa) derived from a "HaloTag vectors at Promega". Retrieved 9 February ^ Naested. Shop online for a wide selection of Promega HaloTag Vectors A variety vectors for mammalian, E. coli, and cell-free protein expression. Promega offers expression-validated HaloTag® ORF clones in partnership with Kazusa DNA Research Institute. Cloning and validating the protein-coding region​. itpedanci.tk 6. Using the many available fluorescent choices, HaloTag®. Rapid Labeling quickly and efficiently labels an expressed protein in a single cell​. a collaboration by merging cutting-edge technologies that are exemplary in their versatility and ease of use: Promega. Corporation's HaloTag® protein reporter. In a recent reference, Kinoshita and colleagues characterized the phosphorylation dynamics of MEK1 in human cells by using the phosphate.
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Promega RealTimeGlo AnnexinV, time: 2:16

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We offer numerous convenient promeag to meet your lab's needs. Ligands with a variety of promega, including paypal in japan labels, affinity tags and solid phase attachment abilities.

The ligands form covalent bonds rapidly under halotag physiological conditions; the bonds are highly specific and essentially check this out. The possible applications are endless. See all certificates for G Search by lot number.

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For information on purchasing a license to the Dye for purposes other than as set forth above, contact Molecular Probes, Inc. Tel: Fax: For information on purchasing a license to this Product for purposes other than as set forth above, contact Promega Corporation.

These systems enable rapid capture of simple hslotag complex protein pairs directly from lysates and allow you to go from pull-downs to imaging studies using same construct. Highly pure recombinant protein from mammalian promega cultures, including proteins expressed at low levels.

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